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Here's the first pass mockup of a gravitational anomaly detector.  It's going to take some refining before it's ready for use.

I was planning to incorporate it into this.

So, I need a bit more work on the gravitic anomaly detector.  The hand needs to be shortened and the pivot lowered so the text can be raised above the scale to be readable.  I also need to modify the needle a bit since there's an excess of detail that detracts from the overall design.

The cleaning and polishing on all that copper got a bit tedious and there's some finish work to do on the final assembly, so I've ordered a 3" clock insert as a temporary replacement until I can improve the detector design.

I've also gotten a bit sidetracked on a self-adjusting hatband project with a unique set of problems to resolve...


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Here's a mockup of the V.2 version of the meter face:

Much better!


Here's what it looks like with a cheap clock module installed.  (Plastic. Evil.)

Now I need a battery for it, but I think I can whip up something temporary with a potato and some nails...



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