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We've been a bit too dormant for too long. It’s probably a good time to see who is still around. So if you still look at this page every so often, now is a good time sound off and let us know you haven’t dropped off the planet.

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I'm new to Steampunk, but I check here every day or two.  I'm a little surprised at the low level of internet discussion forum traffic in the Steampunk community...especially Austin!  With it's "wierd" reputation, I'd think Steampunk would be huge in Austin.  I guess that community isn't as much into online discussion as one might think...

Howdy, Good to see you!

 Actually Steampunk is pretty big in Austin. I think one of the problems on this particular site is "facebook" is the more popular means of discussion.(my being a moderator here hasn't helped)


 We are usually pretty active meeting up once every two weeks at Epoch coffee house on Northloop. Though it's been a pretty rough year thus far and we have been somewhat outta sorts as it were.

 Looks like we are going to try and make a comeback this spring. You are more than welcome to join us if you like.



Agreed. There are at least three sites online that have pieces of the Austin SP crowd, with more or less attention given to them. Facebook is just where everyone was already at.

Between the coffee meetups, Beer Brass and BS, Argo's Elysium events, and other random happenings, Steampunk is going strong here.


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